Dominion versus Domination

Whether you believe that man was created to have dominion over the earth or that he evolved to dominate the food chain through a process of natural selection, it is in man’s best interest to exercise control in a way that promotes balance, sustainability and prosperity. Being at the top of the food chain has its privileges, but with it comes an enormous responsibility to steward the earth’s resources in a way that prevents their exhaustion from unrestrained consumption.

You influence the world around you through your thoughts, words and deeds. When you are radiant, you govern through inspiring and uplifting self-dominion. When you are reactive, you are controlled by external influences and your govern as a dictator, and you rule by usurping the power and authority of others around you.

I imagine that the earth could sustain the loss of human beings, though I hope with all my heart that it doesn’t come to that. Human beings, functioning wisely, are fountains of endless blessing and an axis of wise governance. Their capacity for the extension of dominion is unparalleled in nature, as is their capacity for destruction and desecration. Free will opens the door to one or the other.

How do you rule the world you center? Would you say that it is better characterized as a noble and true dominion or a cruel and domineering dictatorship? Dictators rule out of fear, desperately seeking to control the world around them. True leaders, on the other hand, rule through love and extend control in ways that draw forth the highest and finest in every one they serve. The former employ force, violence and coercion to achieve their ends, while the latter compel agreement through righteous example, unflinching courage and irrepressible respect.

The world needs more people who know how to encompass the world around them through the spirit of dominion. Such leadership demands nothing yet expects greatness, employs humility where others resort to pride and eschews expediency in favor of integrity, no matter how high the stakes, how intense the pressure or how complete the discomfort. Such leadership is possible, not just through others in an ideal world, but through you, here and now.

The choice is yours.

13 thoughts on “Dominion versus Domination

  1. Fernando

    The imagery of a fountain of blessing captivates my heart as I read this — there is so much to live for, to love for in the world, to rescue, nurture and heal. So much that is worthy. May all men/women in due time bow to the supremacy of nobility. Prost!


  2. Mitch Webb

    You mentioned in a recent post that you’ve been accused of being naive and idealistic, but honestly there is no arguing with your breakdown here of the methods of leadership and the fact that it comes down to individual choice as to how we conduct our own selves. I think this is a brilliant call to honesty.


  3. Joshua

    Your leadership is greatly appreciated, and in this day I am inspired to make a clear choice, one that will change everything, starting here and now I choose dominion.
    Thanks Gregg!


  4. Colin

    You hit the nail on the head with the last sentence of your post. The choice is yours. In every thing we do, there is always a choice. Will you choose to be a true leader, or will you compromise your integrity in some way? Each person needs to answer that question for themselves, but you sure have given some great starting points so that we all understand the choice that we have to make. Thanks


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