Continuous Effort and Inspiration

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

When I consider the many great accomplishments wrought by mankind over the generations I am both awed by what we have achieved and convinced that we have the potential to achieve far greater things should we continue to dedicate ourselves to unlocking the potential in those around us.

The company I work for is a microcosm of sorts of the world at-large, and it fascinates me to no end to watch those in the company who move up through the ranks. In our educational system the greatest factor in upward mobility is tenure, but in my company upward movement comes as a natural by-product of an expanding field of radiant service.

Small people limit themselves to working on themselves. People who go places do what is required to perfect their part while working continuously to provide the atmosphere and inspiration necessary for others to spread their wings. Such inspiration is necessary, but not sufficient, for each person must decide to internalize the inspiration, refashion it and extend it out to the world they center if it is to have any meaning.

No doubt you have had occasion where you were inspired by another. The feeling I get when I am inspired is one of lightness, capability, expanded vision and strength. Those feelings are fleeting, however, if you breath in the inspiration but forget to breath it out. If you are inspired, share it with your world as soon as practicable!

If you’ve ever had the thought go through your head that goes something like this: “You are not good enough/have not been here long enough/don’t have the right title to be a notable inspiration in this situation…” don’t believe it! Don’t give it weight in your heart! Don’t feed it! False humility leads nowhere and does no one any good.

Look instead to be an inspiration, a shining example in all that you do. You may not be the best out there at what you are doing but if you give it your best, no matter how you feel, you will begin to influence the world around you for the better.

Far too much change on earth occurs out of necessity, out of reaction to ill things and out of a frenzied attempt to get out of a bad corner. Much more change could occur through conscious, alert and passionate people intent on moving from good to better. Further, the more change that occurs on the latter basis the less need there will be for the former!

I don’t care where you were born, who your parents were, what you look like or how you were raised, you have the potential for greatness, for the expression of an uncommon excellence through the circumstances – exactly as they are configured in any given moment – that come your way.

The first step is to give up excuses, eschew the habit of wishing things (or you or those around you for that matter) were different and to look to handle what comes your way as creatively as possible, no matter how challenging your set of circumstances may be. The second follows naturally, requiring only that you seek in all situations to assist others to a fuller expression of their potential, which leads ultimately to greater fulfillment.

Follow these two steps – continuously – and you will change the world!

10 thoughts on “Continuous Effort and Inspiration

  1. Colin

    I had a great experience recently that mirrors what you wrote here. I met a group of people that you might not look at twice if you were concerned with status, etc. But given a chance, they were proven to be some of the most generous people I had ever met. That taught me (again) that people are always deeper than they seems, and that the part that goes deeper can sometimes be so much for the better that it is an unforgettable inspiration. It’s time to really break down the assumptions of what we can provide for others. It is much more than most of us do, and I’m sure it’s more than we think we are capable of.


  2. Lady Leo

    I love the feeling that I get when I’m inspired but I the deep feeling of accomplishment, when I realize I’ve inspired others through my actions is nourishing to my soul. I do believe that is one of the basic elements humans were designed to do as their part on Earth.
    We become better people as our lives inspire others to inspire…creation!


  3. Joshua

    Powerfully inspirational words to rise to this morn!
    I have been guilty of centering my concern on self-development, and the result, I can attest to is very limiting, and small.
    This morn I am, inspired to a new resolve, those elements that arise from within that prevent the release of my highest and finest expression, shall be no more. For those elements are the very ones that turn my concern inward. No more shoulda, coulda, woulda.

    Do or do not, there is no try.
    Our best is all the world has ever asked for,

    With you 100%
    Thanks for this redirection!!!


  4. ceraluce

    “…each person must decide to internalize the inspiration, refashion it and extend it out to the world they center if it is to have any meaning.” So well put! Thanks for a great post today!


  5. Brad

    Great words to start the day – I’m looking forward to working creatively with the circumstances just as they present themselves this week….and helping others reach for the greatness within themselves!
    Thanks Gregg.


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