Three Hundred Sixty-Five Days!

At one and the same time we must philosophize, laugh and manage our household and other business, while never ceasing to proclaim the words of true philosophy.” ~ Epicurus

I am delighted to note that this morning’s post marks three hundred sixty-five consecutive daily blogs on Gregg Hake’s Blog!  It has been a delightful process for me and I trust that my words and the brilliant quotes I have shared from those who inspired me over the years have (1) touched your minds and hearts and (2) compelled you to refinement in thought, word and deed.

Onward and upward!

33 thoughts on “Three Hundred Sixty-Five Days!

  1. Christie S.

    I’ve only been subscribing a few weeks now. I have some catching up to do! The quality of writing and range of topics and sources cited are amazing. Good luck with year #2!


  2. Lady Leo

    Wow it’s been almost a year since I’ve been reading your daily musings. I started reading a few other blogs at the same time and have to say yours stands out in the crowd. I’m not surprised you were conferred “freshly pressed” as your content is always refreshing and enlivening. Your time is well spent you have made a difference for me. Thank you.


  3. Duffer

    It is amazing that a year has passed already. Your Blog is the first thing that i read each morning as it provides so much in the way of inspiration that stays with me during the entire day. And always both inspiring and practical at the same time – thank you!


  4. Jordan

    Gregg, first of all- congratulations! And second, thank you for your time and thought that you put into these posts. Know that your words inspire deep thinking and are greatly appreciated!


  5. Kimberly

    I look forward to reading your words each day. I don’t always comment but you always make me think. Thanks for being one of my daily inspirations this year.


  6. Joshua

    It has certainly done both for me, and it is even more wonderful to see the light come on in those whom I have shared this with. It’s been a very generative year!
    Deeply appreciative the seeds that you have so consistenly planted and eagerly look forward to sharing their fruition with others! You have changed the course of my life forever, eagerly looking forward to the Onward and Upward part!
    Thanks Gregg.


  7. Josh Cannen

    Congratulations – I’ve been reading your posts regularly since the early ones. My staff and colleagues have enjoyed several pieces which I have forwarded them. Looking forward to another year of inspiration (both receiving and giving).


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