The Slide and the Quicksand

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” ~ Epictetus

No matter how much you accumulate in life, you will always have less than what you don’t have. Whether you long for material possessions, power, influence or insider status, at the end of the day happiness resides in the soul, not in possessions.

One of the simplest keys to living an uncommon life is found the the ability to deeply and genuinely appreciate that you now have. It is easier than you might think to slip into a state where your concern for what you feel is missing in your life outweighs your ability to see what is right in front of you. The downward slide begins progressively, usually as a result of the failure to appreciate a blessing, but steepens as time moves on.

The best way I know is to get off the slide and back into position is to find an avenue for the expression of appreciation. The spirit of appreciation is a powerful solvent. It works quickly to dissolve the film of self-centeredness that makes slick the slide that leads to frustration, futility and indifference in the quicksand below.

Material possessions are valuable to the degree that they amplify you ability to bless the world around you. Moreover, you are valuable to the degree that you allow the invisible and intangible blessings you possess to manifest into visible and tangible life expression.

“Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving..” ~ W. Clement Stone

13 thoughts on “The Slide and the Quicksand

  1. Colin

    There is so much to be said for being appreciative. Even though I place emphasis on being appreciative, I’ll bet there are many things in my life that I fail to notice or appreciate. It’s always fun finding new ones. Thanks!


  2. S.B.

    I am a firm believer in the thought that what you put out there comes back upon you so appreciation is a great approach to living. Thank you for the inspirational post!


  3. Duffer

    Thanks for the thougths today Gregg. In particular I appreciate the quote from W. Clement Stone – it was one of the first quotes that made an impact on me early on and has played a centerpiece in my living since. Deep appreciation for what you can provide rather than just for what you can receive dramatically altered the direction (and quality) of my life.


  4. strawberryfields

    Appreciation is like a secret codes in video games, when you use it you bypass a lot of traps, problems and make the journey easier to reach your goals.
    I think human beings all have that “chip” but you can only access it or maybe even become aware of it, when you use it.
    Thanks for code sharing!


  5. Aimee

    People have long tended to find meaning and worth either in the acquisition of possessions or in the renouncing of them. The secret doesn’t lay in either extreme, or anywhere in between. Thanks for sharing a simple secret to real treasure and wealth.


  6. DeeDee

    I love the last quote. It is a good reminder that there is that we each possess which cannot be taken away from us and which also is in our hands to give and to grow. Beautiful post, thanks!


  7. Marianne Brandon

    I appreciate the emphasis of appreciation on your blog. Appreciation should be the beginning, the middle, and the end result in everything we do. Without appreciation the point of having anything is nullified, including our very breath. It is poignant to me that this is considered the means to an ‘uncommon’ life when it should be the natural state of mind and heart. Thanks for the daily keys to making it so!


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