The least in your world

Image Credit: ViticultureNMSU

The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.” ~ Galileo Galilei

I sat on the beach today thinking about my mentors over the years and the thought came to mind that each one possessed the quality of being so beautifully described by Galileo. No matter how busy they were, how many issues they were juggling, they always seemed to have time to devote their full attention to every person and every matter that came before them.

Today’s post is short, but sweet. Take time to consider the least prominent within your sphere of influence. Give them the attention necessary to nourish and compel them to greater service. Care for them as if they were the most important people in your world, for in any given moment, they just might be.

Have an uncommonly delightful day!

8 thoughts on “The least in your world

  1. happytobehere

    So much for the texting, earphones, computer, cell
    conversations, 24/7 wired world of 2011. If you’ve ever had the
    experience of trying to convey something or help someone who is
    “other wise” engaged it can be off putting. Likewise since we do
    have the ability to work in what was once considered “public”
    places, like a Starbucks; the rules of engagement have changed.
    There is no substitute for manners inspired by wisdom and giving
    your full attention when tending to the matter in front of


  2. Reina

    What a wonderful way to live! Looking always to provide to
    others around us, not judging their immediate value. In a world
    filled with such confusion, why not be a beacon of light to those
    who cross our paths. Thanks for your dilligence and your commitment
    to others, you are quite the beacon.


  3. Marianne Brandon

    I realize there are many corners of my world that can use a
    little ripening, and I am the only one who can let the sunlight in
    those areas. Thanks for an enlightening post this morning!


  4. Joshua

    An excellent acknowledgement with respect to a quality too
    few posess, yet a quality when appreciated rightly can certainly be
    posessed by all! Thanks for this fine Starting point to week 1 of
    2011! Consider it done,


  5. Colin

    You never know how someone can surprise you. If you treat
    those who you feel can help you the least with the same respect as
    those you feel can really help you, you will find much success.


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