The Powerhouse of the Cell


Mitochondria from a Mammalian Lung, Image by Wikipedia

I love to hear the head of my Practitioner Support team (the group in my company responsible for technical marketing and education) speak about health and wellbeing. Her passionate interest in restoring normal flow to the body’s various systems fascinates me – and our clients – to no end.


Restoring optimal cellular function is one of her favorite topics and one particular component seems to come up whenever the topic of cell health comes up: mitochondria. She calls it the “powerhouse of the cell” and at times, “the digestive system of the cell,” though she is quick to qualify that it does “much, much more.”

Mitochondria are the cell’s power producers. They convert energy into forms that are usable by the cell. The conversion process is an aerobic one, so it also helps to oxygenate the cell. According to my friend, smooth functioning of this flow system allows the body to rebuild and maintain health.”

Many doctors are finding that impaired mitochondria function is quite often at the root of chronic degenerative disease. One source of impairment is toxicity. Apparently, toxins tend to lodge in the mitochondria and these toxins can block the natural flow systems in the mitochondria, creating a need for long-term supplementation and disease management.

Healthy parts set the stage for a healthy whole. The body has a remarkable capacity for healing if given the right surround and if you restore the powerhouse to its rightful function you dramatically improve the overall health of the body.

There are many ways to improve cellular health, particularly when the tools and techniques pioneered in the field of bioenergetic medicine are employed. One of the challenges for practitioners who work in this area is to keep up with the mounting levels of toxicity found in the air, water and food we ingest.

These toxins are more often than not driven deeper into the body by the body’s own self-protection mechanisms, by improper medical treatment and by overly zealous cleanses and detox programs that are no doubt undertaken on the basis of good intentions.

As I mentioned, the body has a remarkable ability to repair itself, given the right support. This process cannot and should not be rushed, for so doing tends to compound the situation more than resolve it.

I imagine that the scientific and medical communities will continue to find ways to restore these remarkable yet tiny cellular citizens in the months and years to come and I look forward, with great anticipation, to the day that chronic degenerative disease is felled at the root.

Don’t you?

10 thoughts on “The Powerhouse of the Cell

  1. Coco

    Fascinating subject. Sounds like we are spending all our health care money on trying to not feel so bad while making little to no effort to get better.
    I too think balance is possible but it will take informed, independent and courageous people to say the emperor has nothing on!


  2. NK

    Yes, I do. I hope there comes a time when there is no more chronic disease. I know that this may seem unrealistic, or simplistic, but if disease is just lack of something or too much of something else, why shouldn’t balance be possible?


  3. Colin

    There are so many different processes in the body that most people know so little about. I bet if you ask the average person the last time they spoke about mitochondria, and they aren’t a scientist, they would say sometime in high school or college. Yet the mitochondria are one of many things that keep you alive and well. We shouldn’t have to think about our mitochondria all of the time, but we should think about the right care of our bodies when we choose what we put into it, and what kinds of things we expel into the world that will eventually find their ways into us as well.


  4. Joshua

    Very condensed consideration, As Always.
    It seems to me, that this revelation of the source of power can be followed up the line to individual responsibility, to “Be the Power house” Or one of them functioning rightly on behalf of the body of humanity. Gradual consistency over time generates the necessary power to overcome what the world offers us to be clarified.
    Thanks for bringing the reality of connectedness to focus, whether it be microcosm, or macrocosm, it’s all one thing, functioning together, focused in expressing the reality of that for which it was designed.
    I think this illustrates well the fact that there is a governing influence that causes everything to be, and do that for which it came to be in the first place. You don’t see the Mitochondria having identity crisis, or bewhaling the circumstance its given (Toxicity). It simply does what it was designed to do, without question, no matter what it has to deal with…. it just is.
    Hmmmm…Mitochondria, a source of aspiration?
    Thanks for this, “Powerhouse of a consideration”
    I’m certain it’ll generate some clarifying influence.


  5. Brad

    love these two recent posts – my son was asking about the videos & i explained a bit about the flow of the cell and food choices we make….he’s off to have a big 3 egg breakfast with dark leafy greens as a side – he wants to be a powerhouse!


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