What’s new?

A friend of mine likes to ask “What’s new” when he sees someone for the first time each day. I’ve noticed that most people answer “nothing much” or “same old same old” and rarely do they elaborate on what is actually new in their lives.

Whether or not the question is intended to be rhetorical in nature, I wonder how often we stop to consider what is actually new in our lives? What is new in your life today? Does a list suddenly come to mind that you’d love to share? Or do you have to stop to think about it for a while before you eek out a thin but eager answer?

The new things in life are often how windows of opportunity are packaged. It’s easy to overlook them, especially if you are stuck in a mode of droning along, like a good little worker bee. Even if nothing is new in the circumstances round about, every day provides a fresh canvas upon which you can express yourself in new ways. Just because your circumstances are stale doesn’t mean that you have to be!

You’ve no doubt heard the statement which goes something like this: “If you are bored, you are boring.” While that may not always be the case, boredom is often the result of the prolonged experience of sameness. Sameness, in turn, is often produced by habitual reactions to the world’s happenings. If, therefore, you change up your habits of reaction, you are likely to enjoy a new experience, even if all other things are held equal.

When my friend asks me “What’s new” my first response is, “Well, everything!” I suspect he gets a kick out of that reply as much for its uncommonness as for what is to follow in conversation. The recognition of newness is the first step to experiencing a more vibrant, dynamic and influential life.

So…what’s new with you?

17 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. thx for a great post! i was sitting in starbucks dreading a day of studying with a lack of energy and enthusiasm when i decided to read this post. i’ve noticed that my response to this question usually sets the tone for the rest of my day and has changed over time to reflect how my perspective towards life has grown as well. so, instead of dread, today’s a great day to gain useful, valuable knowledge!


  2. Under the Cloudless Sky

    Very true Gregg… A very common question but once we took time to ponder means a different thing. Because in reality every day is really a new day.

    Anyhow, thanks for inspiring us always with your post.


  3. I’m frequently asked “how are you” but normally my response is, “do you _really_ want to know?” And I hesitate then and wait… if they shrug, I know it was a rhetorical question and am on my way. If they inquire, I give a brief overview. I never feel anyone’s life, mine no exception, is boring. It’s a matter of listening to one anohter, and developing ones’ own story.


  4. Joshua

    My spirit’s are up!!!
    Why not throw the “predicatively reactive world a curve ball”
    Causing those predictive reactions to be thrown off, and watch them scramble……this is gonna be fun!!!
    Thanks again Gregg, appreciate deeply the newness of perspective you offer each day!


  5. Joshua

    Wow, that painted a new picture for me in regards to the reactions, habits and the experience of “Groundhog day”.
    We are creator’s, we are always creating something. The question is whether or not that something is contributing to a pattern of ascension or a pattern of decent and disintegration.
    With this fresh new outlook this morning, may the sameness be cast out and new vibrancy welcomed today!
    Thanks Gregg!


  6. N Kolya

    I agree with Colin, it’s really how you see and handle things that determines whether it’s “nothing much” or something new and different.


  7. mchoya

    Come to think of it, everything IS new given the passing of even a moment, so to not take note of that might require a little more honest observation on my part. Thanks for your great attitude!


  8. Colin

    Well, I have to say that your answer to the question is more interesting than “nothing much”. I’ve found that, even when you are required to do the same task every day, there are ways you can make it feel new and fresh. I like to see if I can do something more efficiently, or even just try to feel differently about the thing. Life can be so exciting, even in the most “restricted” of circumstances. The fact is that whatever is going on, whether you handle it in the same old way, or in a brand new way is up to you.


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