The victorious life begins with successful attitude

I came across three rules today that provide effective guidance for a productive life:

Rule #1: Success is an option.

Rule #2: Failure to accomplish a goal is a last resort.

Rule #3: Failure to give your very best is never an option.

Countless human beings have lived out their lives never believing that success was an option for them. What about you? Do you make room for the possibility of success at the onset of every new undertaking or do you find yourself planning an exit strategy before you take the first step?

The victorious life begins with successful attitude. The starting point for cultivating a resilient successful attitude is found in the statement: “Life will never give me anything that is larger than my ability to handle it successfully.” Put this one on your bathroom mirror and take it with you in your heart so that when the time comes, you can prove it.

When you come to the point that you realize you are not powerless in relation to the world you center, you have taken the first step to a victorious life. You may have some catching up to do, as an accumulation of failures does tend to make for a lumpy rug under what could have been solid footing, but you can only start where you are.

The refusal to start where you are causes many failures and delayed starts. Faced with an opportunity or a challenge you might say “I wish things were a little different” or “If only I had such-and-such this I could get started,” but so doing will cause unnecessary and unhelpful delays, putting you immediately behind the eight ball.

Start with what you have, exercise your imagination regularly and be creative in your use of resources. The first step to using resources wisely is identifying what resources are available to you. I enjoy watching survival shows like Man vs. Wild and Dual Survival as they demonstrate how to identify – especially in dangerous and restrictive circumstances – the resources available to you.

Check out this link for a quick idea of how to assess your resources:

Now that works in the aftermath of a hurricane, but how do you do this in your personal or professional life? It’s easy. Follow these steps:

1. Get your resources “out on the table.” Make a mental list, compose a written inventory or spread your resources out on a table if you can, without initially making value judgments. Take time to deliberately enumerate the resources – both tangible and intangible – that you presently have at your disposal.

2. Consider the big picture. What is the framework of the challenge or opportunity you’re considering? What are you trying to accomplish? What are the basic parameters?

3. Identify and discard limiting assumptions. Brainstorm on limiting assumptions you or the others you’re involved with on a project may hold that are preventing forward movement. Discard them permanently. Don’t look back.

4. Ask yourself “How would this look were I to rearrange the resources available to me in relation to this goal?” Be creative. Don’t discard any ideas at this point.

5. Test you ideas. Pick what appear to be the best ideas on the surface and test them. Elicit peer reviews. Get feedback from clients, family or friends. Pick the ideas apart. Refine them in the refiner’s fire.

6. Implement. If you’ve moved through the creative process outlined here you will known when the time is right to put your ideas into action.

7. Review. Don’t forget to analyze how effective your ideas were. Gather data over time, don’t jump to conclusions, but don’t also let things drag on. Cut your losses if necessary. Invest further if that appears the prudent course.

10 thoughts on “The victorious life begins with successful attitude

  1. J.J.Mc

    Great analysis for personal or business considerations. It takes courage to face challenges but I think of courage as a muscle, you build it up by using it.


  2. Foxglove

    These are most excellent points to consider – I can already see many applications of them. Real thought provoking post here! I’ve enjoyed the Dual Survival show with my wife too as the show can apply to everyone if you pay attention to the mindset of the two protagonists as they walk you through the critical mental steps involved in being successful.


  3. Joshua

    Agreed, and today is the perfect time for a fresh new review for “Everything”! I’ll keep you posted on how this goes, thanks for outlining the steps, I’ll be certain to take each one thoroughly.
    Wonderful timing as always my friend!!!


  4. Lara

    Great starting points to consider and share with others! It always amazes me how many resources go untapped and often ignored. We live in a gold mine of resources, why struggle and reinvent the wheel. Life is what we allow it to be. Onward and upward!


  5. Isabelle Kearney

    I look forward to following these steps today. I’ve watched a couple of these survival shows, and what impressed me was that you can’t carry a lot of stuff with you and be successful = traveling light is essential. I think that’s important in our lives – to stay light, let go of excess baggage and always have your goal in sight! Oh yeah… and never panic 🙂


  6. Colin

    These are really helpful tips. A deep knowledge that you can handle anything that comes your way is one of the most empowering realizations a person can have. Things worth having are worth working hard for, it doesn’t matter if those things are tangible or intangible. The list you gave is a great way to make sure that you are really taking advantage of the opportunities that are in front of you. It could be a long process, but success in life is worth it!


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