The invisible made visible: It’s what you do!

Oscar Wilde, photo from Wikipedia

“The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.” ~ Oscar Wilde

From whence cometh humanity? Have you given much thought to that question? Are we the result of chance or divine order or as with most alternate of choice questions, are the heavily marketed options masking the truth of the matter?

Whatever our origins, it is clear to me that human beings have a remarkable ability to translate invisible thoughts, feelings and ideas into visible, tangible form. No matter what your vocation, what your upbringing, your race, creed, color or what your skills or beliefs may be, you are constantly giving form to the invisible.

A friend of mine was telling me yesterday that he is particularly useful when asked to fix something that isn’t working, be it a piece of equipment or a business process. Earlier that day a co-worker told me that she loved our company strategy sessions as they provided an environment where her ideas could more easily take form and be expressed. Both were describing the same process of shepherding invisible essences into visible form, yet they recognized that they were more effective at the process in some cases more than others.

I imagine that some people limit their creative abilities based on preconceived notions or assumptions that they hold, i.e. “I am good at translating the invisible to the visible only when xyz…” while all of us have natural predispositions or proclivities that make us more effective in some scenarios versus others. In any case, I believe that the greater limiting factor is that the majority of people hold back their creative potential for one reason or another or perhaps better put, our natural limitations and specializations limit us far less than those self-manufactured constraints which we impose on ourselves.

Yesterday I asked my senior management team “If you were not holding back, what would you be doing?” To my delight, everyone immediately had a list of things that came to mind and that they were willing to humbly open up in the group. It was as if the cork had been removed from the champagne bottle! I have no doubt that much will come of that uncorking.

The world is indeed a stage and I am not so sure that we are badly cast as much as we are just simply in the habit of holding back. A riding coach friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that he saw 45 minutes of an old musical starring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. The point he made which got me thinking was that he doesn’t ever watch musicals but there was something electric, alive and inviting about their performance. I’m not sure if this was the clip he was mentioning, but I think you’ll agree that they were a dynamic duo:

Wherever the invisible is effectively, dynamically and artistically translated into the visible, there is genuine life expression. Such translation is invariably attractive, electrifying and uplifting.

It is, what the Japanese call, “shibumi.” More on that concept tomorrow…

Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “The invisible made visible: It’s what you do!

  1. Kimberly

    Sounds like a question that only older people ask as they look back on their lives. It usually sounds like, ” I could have done this if this didn’t happen or if this person didn’t hold me back, or if I had been born with such and such.”
    Directing the question to myself starts to put the power and responsibility back where I can do something about it. Thanks for your thoughts.


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  3. N. Kolya

    After reading your post, it makes me wonder about all of my friends, co-workers and family – how much are they holding back and what would it look like if they weren’t? I also have to wonder how much have I held back and if I didn’t, how would that change things – would it help others to relax and feel more confident to express themselves more?

    I think there’s is fear of standing out in a crowd, of ridicule, of vulnerability, failure or even success that stops us from really being ourselves.

    Being part of humanity, as you say, we all bring something from the “invisible” to the “visible.” Your post has inspired me to step out more and let what naturally is a part of me to me be expressed instead of holding back so much.


  4. Joshua

    Liberation and Freedom from self-imposed constraints is what I have experienced this morn as a result of your “Magical Ability” to draw the Truth forth from within me! For this I am deeply Grateful. As I sit still here, considering this the world is transforming before my very heart, and mind. Seeing matters for what they truly are is most helpful, and certainly provides a fresh new context within which my new expression can bring about the necessary changes to come.
    The clouds of uncertainty and the mountains that have prevented release, in this moment have vanished!!!
    Starting here, this shall be dramatically acted upon! I Love this new lead role.
    Thanks Gregg!
    3.2.1……aaand ACTION!


  5. Colin

    I wonder how many people actually reach their natural limits in life, without holding anything back. It takes discipline and courage to move beyond where you have ever been, and I have found that whenever I take the next step, the results are beyond imagining. There is only so much that you can do for yourself, though, and I find it easier to make progress in these matters when you have a purpose outside of a personal want or need. Doing things for others is an effective way to push past what you think your limits are, and it will also lead to a fulfilled life. Here’s to going beyond what anyone ever thought was possible!


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