The Sacred Bond – An End to Mediocrity!

A friend of mine asked what it was like to work with a wild hawk. I had to think for a minute as there are few words that adequately clothe the sacred bond that can emerge between bird and falconer.

The first word that came to mind was “noble.” Hawks, and I am sure other raptors possess an uncommon bearing. They are an odd combination of stoicism and ruthlessness, a sort of warrior priest of the wild.

The second that came to mind was “decisive.” Sun-Tzu said that “The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.” Watching a bird of prey at hunting weight provides an excellent example of decisiveness. There are no half-hearted, wishy-washy moves in the raptor world, for indecision leads only to starvation in their world.

The third is “feal.” A properly manned bird is faithful beyond words. While she may not be yielded in the sense that a companion dog may give himself, a hawk yields to her falconer but keeps enough of her original qualities to warrant constant caution and respect.

To what or to whom are you “manned?” What in your life have you given yourself too? What in this world do you hold sacred? For some it is a higher ideal. For others, a higher Being. Despite the great variety, just about everyone gives him or herself to something.

No matter what it is, you can be sure that whatever occupies the centering of your concern will have a significant influence on the decisions you make. Likewise, it will color your expression.

People will profess to be devoted to all kinds of things. The best way to confirm what really lies at the center is to observe the nature of their expression – their thoughts, words and deeds. No matter who you observe, whether religious zealot or atheist, their words give evidence of what they worship, of what lies at the center of their heart.

To me it seems that the important thing is to give yourself to something in life. So many live their lives uncommitted, in a tepid mediocrity that dreads such qualities as nobility, decisiveness and fealty. Life is so much more meaningful when it is lived fully, vibrantly and passionately.

If you cannot prime the pump of greatness in yourself, look to others for the “starter” inspiration. Be willing to be catalyzed into action. Be willing to let go – once and for all – of any sense of entitlement to mediocrity.

Starting now!

7 thoughts on “The Sacred Bond – An End to Mediocrity!

  1. Joshua

    Starting now, I choose to surrender.
    To yield those pet comforts, those attitude’s primarily, that say not yet.
    The time has come for yielding upward, with passion.
    Let the pump be so primed that … end to mediocrity be done.


  2. Isabelle Kearney

    One of the things that is so beautiful about animals is that they are who they are – there is no fear, pretentiousness or angst about their purpose or their identity.

    The qualities that you mention in this post are great steps for beginning to become secure and safe in knowing who you are and what your purpose is. Even if we think we don’t know the “big picture,” it’s the decisions that we make every day that are so important in developing the character that we must have in order to even see the big things when they come our way!


  3. Joshua

    Now is as good a time as any, and really the only time that matters! The inner voice which has always been present has become much louder since reading your blog daily and for this I am grateful! Not only has your provision increased and reawakened something deep within me but also provided the tools necessary to actualize what is being spoken about! Mediocrity is not an option now, and upon further investigation it has never been. For in area’s that I have settled, there is a very deep unsettling feeling that say’s loud and clear “There is much more than this!”, which has also tagged to it the “Willingness to find out”. Now is surely the time to take advantage of the momentum and release all wanted and unwanted concepts and let the Truth be revealed!
    Thank-you so much for this awakening experience!!!!


  4. Colin

    What a beautiful bird! Another thing to watch out for that leads to a mediocre life is thinking about how everything affects you. This will lead to a life that is centered in something comfortable, and if you never leave what is comfortable, you will certainly be mediocre. Thanks!


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