Rise up! Grab life by the horns!

“The measure of a man is the way he bears up under misfortune.” ~ Plutarch

When you come across a patch of bad luck, do you tend to blame, complain, regret, disdain or collapse in futility? If so, you are likely missing a HUGE opportunity.

How you handle misfortune sows the seeds for the next harvest. Sure, there are other people than can affect your future, but if we narrow the focus to your part in the world that you center, how you handle yourself today – whether it is a good day, a bad day or something in the middle – plants seeds that will sprout in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

Maintaining your nobility, your composure and your perspective while in a valley in your life is the mark of a wise man or woman. When in a valley, you never know what lies beyond, for lack of vision. The worst thing to do is to despair, to curse the gods or the evolutionary forces that created you, for decisions, major changes, etc., are far better made from a peak than from a valley.

I’ve seen many people who, under the pressure of temporary (for all things are) misfortune, take unwarranted or misguided action. Such action invariably leads to regret. Likewise, action without vision tends to lead the doer down a maze from which escape is unlikely.

An experienced wilderness guide will move first to a location that affords vision, such as a hilltop or a bluff, before deciding on a course of action. So too should you. If you are in a valley, take whatever time you have available to gain perspective and thereby, vision.

Don’t go to a friend or relative who will commiserate, instead, go to someone who is willing to say the hard things to you. Don’t seek out those who will simply lend you an ear or a shoulder to cry on, find those who you know will help you gain perspective on the matter, on your life.

Life is too short to sit around bemoaning the fact that you could have one if you weren’t so unlucky in life or in love. Grab it by the horns and rise up! Seek those who will complement you in this regard, not those who will agree that life is miserable and that you just have to make the best of it.

Life can be vibrant, joyous, expansive and new if you let it. Staleness comes from a refusal to receive inspiration while freshness comes from a willingness to let life move in you and through you. It’s really up to you!

5 thoughts on “Rise up! Grab life by the horns!

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  2. J.J.Mc

    I’ve heard it said that people usually handle life in one of two ways, creating heat or shedding light. There is a certain amount of heat that comes from the way the world is, why add to it. The visual of the hilltop for another perspective is helpful. Things always look different to me when I can move away from the “heat”. I can think, evaluate and usually will see additional options. This blog is one of my resources for gaining perspective, thanks.


  3. Joshua

    A great lesson was learned here yesterday in this regard, and to my amazement without having sought to specifically climb I found myself sitting atop a hill last eve within a period of blissful new vision and perspective.
    Our “middle child” 10, Provided me an opportunity last eve to through her learn a great deal, as she was in a valley, frustrated and lashing out, about something which she could then do nothing… well there was something she could do but it would take the willingness to let go, and to trust, and to more specifically rise up out of the futility which she was wallowing in and take action…..I left her following our chat to choose….and to my amazement she rose up without a word and went above and beyond….Pure Joy rose in my heart, how great this was to play a part in…serenity was abound in our home to follow.
    I choose to be available for whatever comes my way today!
    Thanks Gregg for assisting in keeping that momentum going!


  4. Colin

    I really enjoy how the focus of this blog is on what each individual can do to improve themselves and other’s lives. Not blaming other people for your problems (even if you think they caused them), is a great way to build the strength necessary to climb out of that valley and “self rescue”. You can learn to be someone who finds solutions and doesn’t wallow in their misfortune! Thanks!


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