The High Road

An eight year old gave me great hope for the future today. In a time where children are teasing, tormenting and bullying their peers via email, text and other social media, one young man is taking the high road and making a difference.

This young fellow was recently mistreated by someone close to him and instead of retaliating, getting upset, feeling victimized or getting even, he made a strategic retreat and recorded this little memo for his older friend:

Isn’t that magnificent? Would that others twice and thrice his age take the same approach with their peers the world would undoubtedly be a better place. His uncommon faith in the goodness of others, even after having been personally wronged, is absolutely inspiring.

When was the last time you forgave another to the depths that this sincere young man was able to in just a few verses? Rather than being diminished by his actions, he was fortified. Moreover, his friend was given the chance to make a choice: either rise up and meet his call or be repelled from the unrelieved tension. Instead of demanding a change, he did what he could to peaceably and lovingly draw it forth.

Take the high road in your living today. Follow the example of this sweet young man so that you too can make a difference in the lives of those around you.

15 thoughts on “The High Road

    1. Marianne

      Informative – thanks for posting this link. What has happened to living (or posting, tweeting, texting) by the ‘golden rule’?


  1. Colin

    I think this is a solution that most people
    don’t even consider. They think that it is ineffectual because they see “peaceful people” get trodden on day after day. What they don’t realize is that truely being peaceful means having enough self confidence to allow others to make their choice without making it for them. This is where the leverage is that helps the most people. They sort themselves, and you can expend effort where it is really useful.


  2. Marianne Brandon

    Resisting the temptation to say or do something nasty back can be a lot easier said than done, so kudos to this fine young man!


  3. Kai

    Smart little guy! It’s the best attitude to take towards those who hide behind bullying tactics, whether they are children or adults.


  4. DeeDee

    How sweet! It’s unusual even at his young age to not have the ‘low road’ beaten into you by TV examples (yes even preschool programs) and others around you, but I strongly believe his attitude is the natural state of heart we are meant to always express. Thanks for sharing it!


  5. Hua Jin

    This quote by John Buchan seems appropriate to this young man who revealed the best qualities of humanity in a tough situation: “Without humility there can be no humanity.”

    Humility is the brother to forgiveness. Taking the high road isn’t just something you do in your head, it’s what you do in your heart. And, as the story of this 8 year old reveals, age or knowledge isn’t an excuse. To be humane in the noblest sense requires compassion, refinement, mercy and kindness – qualities which are available to each person.

    We should also change the song to… “you take the high road, and I’ll take the high road..”


  6. Joshua

    To call forth the inherent greatness in others, is our Greatest Responsibility, and one that I aspire to fulfill. Thanks for this simple example illustrating that forgiveness is the easier road, although less traveled.


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