The Struggles of Man

"Religion, Society, and Nature—these are the three struggles of man." ~ Victor Hugo If all the human activity undertaken in the course of a day, month or year were put in a pot still and reduced to its fractions, there would be but three fundamental components: religion, society and nature. Every man who has ever …

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The Benefit of the Doubt

So often in life we are forced to verify things heard, seen or received second or third-hand. Imagine this scenario. You heard a rumor, a story or a passing remark about something or someone you are responsible for and you find it necessary to investigate a little further. You learned from previously bungled experiences that …

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Common Sense: Voltaire said it best.

If you inadvertantly brushed up against a thorny bush while walking on a path in the woods - whether you put the bush there or not - you would probably move swiftly to extract yourself from the bush and move on. You think that people would do the same with the emotional and mental thorns encountered in the path of life, but do they? In my observation the greater tendency is to wrestle with the bush, roll around in it, jump in it, jump on it, walk away and leap back onto it just when it looked like they were clear of it...anything but get away from it! It just doesn't make any sense.