Keep it Simple

You’ve all no doubt heard the acronym K.I.S.S., which stands for “keep it simple stupid.”  It is a concept often touted but seldom heeded  in marketing, in public speaking, in systems development, in boardrooms, in classrooms, in the world of medicine and health care and just about every other department of human life.

Alan Siegel, a branding expert, makes an interesting case for keeping things simple in this short but sweet TED presentation:

Think about your world for a minute.  Are there areas of your life that are weighed down by complexity?  Your relationships, for example?  Your schedule?  Your outlook on life?  If it isn’t simple, it typically isn’t clear.  

Simplicity is attractive.  It is appealing.  It compels participation.  Did you catch Mr. Siegel’s slide quoting Thomas Jefferson?  It said “When the subject is strong, simplicity is the only way to treat it.”  Whether you are for or against the original intent of the recently “deemed and passed” health care overhaul, you must agree that nothing of its 4,000 plus pages is anything close to simple.

Keep your world simple and call for simplicity in the world around you.  Far too many simple things are overly complicated by faulty human intervention.  Complexity is valuable, but it certainly has its place. 

Have a great, and hopefully not overly complicated, day!