Conservation of Momentum

Physics was one of my favorite classes in high school, for two reasons. The first reason is found in the zany stunts my physics teacher managed to execute somehow under the nose of the administration and generally accepted rules of normal behavior. Our egg drop competition, for example, culminated with the winner successfully landing an …

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Common Sense: Voltaire said it best.

If you inadvertantly brushed up against a thorny bush while walking on a path in the woods - whether you put the bush there or not - you would probably move swiftly to extract yourself from the bush and move on. You think that people would do the same with the emotional and mental thorns encountered in the path of life, but do they? In my observation the greater tendency is to wrestle with the bush, roll around in it, jump in it, jump on it, walk away and leap back onto it just when it looked like they were clear of it...anything but get away from it! It just doesn't make any sense.