Reverence for Life

The holidays are fast upon us and I had the good pleasure of watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with my sons after dinner last evening. At one point in the show, Linus mentioned that Albert Schweitzer's dislike of Christmas stemmed from the fact that he did not take kindly to writing thank you notes. I …

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How to be Outrageously Happy

My five year old made another funny comment that you will appreciate.  We were driving home from school on Friday and he said to me: "Daddy, is that an obstacle course?"  I looked out in the direction of his gaze and to my delight saw of all things, a cemetery.  I held back my chuckle as the irony of his …

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Joan of Arc on Living by Gregg Hake

Whatever your core beliefs, your life will tend to take shape according to their outline. The envelope of possiblity for your life is established by your convictions. You can't think you're way into a great life, but your fundamental beliefs do provide the platform upon which your character is built of from which your life expression proceeds. Never underestimate the value of a solid foundation.