Worry and Choice

"Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight." ~Benjamin Franklin Talking somebody down from the wall of worry is not an easy task. To do so you must deftly skirt accusations like "you just don't understand" and "you're not hearing me" while reassuring, distracting and refocusing attention on …

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The Over-care of Health

Nothing is more fatal to Health, than an over Care of it. ~ Benjamin Franklin For whatever reason, many human beings tend toward obsessive-cumpulsive behavior. For example, being in the health care industry I find that I must take great care not to become imbalanced in my perspective about my own health, for fanaticism eventually …

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The Simple Things in “L”ife

    My youngest son, who is now four years old, learned to pronounce the letter "l" properly this weekend. I daresay that I will miss the "w" that typically stood in the place of a properly pronounced hard "l", but hey, "wife" goes on. He spent the entire weekend searching for words that began …

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Honor and Life

"Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honor far more precious dear than life." ~ William Shakespeare I daresay this morning that virtually every unpleasant element aspect of the human condition came into being through the words and actions of men and women who held their lives more dear than their honor. …

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The Spirit of Adventure

An old friend of mine mentioned that she is moving in a couple of weeks and that a friend of hers was going to accompany her in true "Thelma and Louise" style. I don't remember much about the 1991 movie starring Susan Sarandon  (Louise Sawyer) and Geena Davis (Thelma), apart from a poignant quote by …

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Civic Virtue and the Rise and Fall of Empires

Every great civilization of which we have record in history that came and went, failed from within. Edward Gibbon, in his seminal work The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, outlines this process in great detail: internal weakness precipitates external vulnerability and collapse inevitably follows.

Common Sense: Voltaire said it best.

If you inadvertantly brushed up against a thorny bush while walking on a path in the woods - whether you put the bush there or not - you would probably move swiftly to extract yourself from the bush and move on. You think that people would do the same with the emotional and mental thorns encountered in the path of life, but do they? In my observation the greater tendency is to wrestle with the bush, roll around in it, jump in it, jump on it, walk away and leap back onto it just when it looked like they were clear of it...anything but get away from it! It just doesn't make any sense.

The Art of Virtue – The Essence of Community Service

Though "...arriving at moral Perfection" is a heck of a BHAG (big, hairy audacious goal), our great nation is in great need of those who set a new standard devoid of the typical excuses such as "nobody's perfect(!)," "what can one man do(?)" or "I'm just too busy to take on another project."