What changed? Well, everything changed.

"A man hasn't got a corner on virtue just because his shoes are shined." - Ann Petry All this talk of fashion reminds me of a wonderful tour I was given of the John Lobb workshop in Paris, prior to its move to the rue de Mogador. If you haven't heard the name before, John Lobb …

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Pride, Passion and Happiness: The Disappearing Artisan

Look at the world you center. Do you take great pride in it? Do you sweep the sidewalk at the storefront of your life daily, at daybreak? Do you polish the doorlatch to your home and straighten the welcome mat for friends and enemies? Do you feel you have the opportunity, nay the responsibility to aim to be the very best [enter your job title here] that ever walked the earth? If so, kudos to you. If not, get to it. (And have a wonderful day.)