Never Blind

It is said – and most people would agree – that true love is never blind. But what does that mean, really? I’m sure that the explanation is in, ahem, the eye of the beholder, but to me this statement means that seeing matters through the eyes of true love requires honesty, transparency and authenticity.

If you are not honest with yourself, you cannot be honest with others. If you are not willing to admit to your weaknesses or limitations – to be vulnerable – then a part of you will be shut out from the purifying and intensifying light of love.

If you are not transparent, that is, if you hide your true feelings from yourself or others, then you will eventually blind yourself to the reality of your situation. Living in denial will give you emotional cataracts. Moreover, you will be paralyzed by the conviction that others are not being transparent with you, and your constant second guessing will eat away at the fabric of your love, like moths on a cashmere sweater.

If you are not authentic, then you will fail to allow the full purview of love to flow through you. Posturing always constricts the flow of love because the character of love, the body of love is truth. And truth is always genuine, never an imitation.

If, on the other hand, you live in total honesty, transparency and authenticity, then you will find that the doors of true love continue to open in you and before you. You will relax into a progressively deeper realization of the profundity of true love and nothing, dear readers, is more important than that.

5 thoughts on “Never Blind

  1. Joy

    What a wonderfully enlightening consideration, and a far cry from what most people’s image of true love would be. I appreciated your three phased explanation, because without honesty any form of love would only be an illusion. That purifying and intensifying light of love can burn a little, but the internal rest the comes when posturing is relinquished is a healing balm. What a huge consideration Gregg, you covered a lot of territory in just a few words. Thank You.


  2. David R

    It is a little odd that love is seen as a blinding influence, because it is actually the opposite. The generous flowing of love toward others illuminates compatible qualities in others. It is perhaps true that one who loves may be inclined to overlook or deemphasize qualities in others that are incompatible to love’s nature. Is that such a terrible thing?

    Of course we have to note that what people think of as love is usually a very mixed bag to say the least! Love is not jealous, petty, blind, foolish or fickle, so there are other forces people typically think of as love that come into play here. Suffice it to say that there is so much to discover here as the cataracts and hurts engendered by misuse of love are allowed to pass away. We’ve given love enough of a bad name!


  3. Thank you for opening a pathway characterized by relaxation into the profundity of love. I am urged to further explore how honesty, transparency and authenticity actually applies to my living. I gather trying to figure out how they apply will not work. Taking your words regarding relaxation to heart I am sensing opens the way for further discovery and application.


  4. Lady Leo

    I agree true love is never blind. I guess the crux might seem to be the person’s definition of true love, but our personal views don’t create the nature of true love. I believe love by its own nature is not something we can seek or find. We earn the privilege of experiencing it as we’ve allowed our heart to become sufficiently purified to accommodate it. It’s always there available to whoever will come up in vibration to meet it. This transparency with our Creator is the nexus where we become genuine and we can live authentically no matter what the circumstances. Thanks for this post. I love the inspiration to look more closely at the important things.


  5. Ricardo B.

    I can only vouch for myself the freedom of constantly aiming to live a full life of authenticity, vulnerability, honesty and transparency, yet in my mind it has to be universal! For how else can life be whole and all life forms be connected? In the world today, with all the insecurities that circulate, you have to take risks in being open and vulnerable, but I believe it’s something you must do to be open to life’s greatest meanings. There are plenty of oppurtunities to do so in all of our lives, even in casual conversations with complete strangers. It’s just differences of degree given the circumstance, yet they all are all equally important.

    One thing I see that helps open the doors of transparency in others is to offer up an ante of vulnerability in yourself when the person shares something even remotely tender. Or you may start yourself and see what happens. That communicates trust and really, sanctifies the atmosphere. I’ve noticed that people really do want to be vulnerable but have not found safe havens all that much. This is markedly different than just dumping ones problems on others, because that I see happening all the time and oftentimes there isn’t the initial self honest reflection. It must be as you say, where it starts with first being honest with yourself, as then everything after that will better carry a proper and balanced tone. This naturally gives way to health and happiness, though depending on the situation, may not at all be comfortable!

    A great morning’s meditation – thank you for your thoughts!


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