Heavenly Lays

“Personal Talk (concluded)” by William Worsdworth

Nor can I not believe but that hereby
Great gains are mine; for thus I live remote
From evil-speaking; rancor, never sought,
Comes to me not; malignant truth, or lie.
Hence have I genial seasons, hence have I
Smooth passions, smooth discourse, and joyous thought;
And thus from day to day my little boat
Rocks in its harbor, lodging peaceably.
Blessings be with them, and eternal praise,
Who gave us nobler loves and nobler cares,—
The Poets, who on earth have made us heirs
Of truth and pure delight by heavenly lays!
Oh! might my name be numbered among theirs,
Then gladly would I end my mortal days.

Part of the privilege of writing daily and of scouring the world’s literature for inspirational snippets is the opportunity to luxuriate in the gentle and refined thoughts of men and women who left us the gifts of their words throughout history. These written “apples of gold in pictures of silver” echo through the ages and weave a golden thread of concordant purpose and meaning through an otherwise tattered bricolage of human experience.

Much of what has been recorded in the written word is rubbish, far from the gracefulness and subtlety of the heavenly lays for which Wordsworth is obviously so thankful. We are heirs of a remarkable legacy, on the one hand, but the legacy is only really valuable to us to the degree that it reawakens us to the spirits of love and truth, both of which gave rise to the anything truly valuable we have ever inherited.

You and I are here for one reason: to create by virtue of the inspiration of the spirit of love and within the framework of the spirit of truth. We are vitalized by the spirit of love and comforted by the spirit of truth. We cannot create anything meaningful or fulfilling without them. Our lives are creative to the degree that we let these two sing within and through us each and every moment of the day.

6 thoughts on “Heavenly Lays

  1. Steve

    The golden weaving continues through men and women knowing and delighting in the light of love. As we so sing extending the radiant threads of meaning and purpose our orb can shine as the sun in universal blending of grand delight and magnificent creation. So shall our joy increase!


  2. David R

    Despite the deep obscurity and perversion of the human condition, the Divine Impulse has found voices and artisans over the ages to carry the thread of Reality. There is no greater privilege than to be utilized in such fashion.


  3. Joy

    What an exquisite example of heavenly lays both by you and Wordsworth, Gregg. The privilege of exposure to your words provides such wonderful opportunity for me to examine the moments of my days, inspiring conformity to the immutable tenants of love and truth. What a priceless gift.


  4. Lady Leo

    I truly enjoy your poetic finds ! To firmly understand that all creation by man is fueled by the power of love and must pass through the heart of man, puts the responsibility for our own fulfillment in our own ability to free our heart from the ravages of judgement. It awakens our ability to appreciate the blessings and opportunities in the present moment.


  5. Carmen

    You are so right of what you speak today, my friend. Human kind has been given the works of great men and women over the time of our existence. Ones who through their teachings and examples have attempted to turn the tide of humanity back to it’s true purpose. And those who seek the answers of existence, often study the artistry shared so graciously with us. But it is only when these teachings touch our hearts in a deep enough way, and our entire beings are changed, can there be a shift that touches the soul as well. Then, and only then, will all that we are become new, we shall become forever changed for the greater purpose for which we came. All that we are must fulfill the promise of the Word. Thoughts shall and must birth deeds!


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