Thoughts Serene

“Thoughts Serene” by Gregg Hake

A verdant sight like none I’ve seen
Fills my mind with thoughts serene.
A field abuzz with bees on flowers,
As widening shadows mark the hours.
I think of man, his hectic pace,
For him life is naught but a race.
He rushes madly to and fro,
His purpose lost long ago.
Shall I, like man, be thus content,
To campaign forth, but not repent?
I dare say no, life has an aim-
‘Tis more than just a pointless game.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts Serene

  1. Steve

    Good to consider the AIM of life. It’s verdant integrating quality. It’s aim to bring more of itself through its wonderful animating nature. It is also good to consider its phases and cycles as it relates to our day and life time. It’s morning prime potential, day and afternoon actualization and evening transcendent passing.


  2. Lady Leo

    I love your poem! I found that making the decision to live on purpose requires daily agile repentance. It seems the simple attitude of honest humility primes the pump for a deeper connection with my own experience of purposeful living. Sometimes my best is to hold steady in my heart and make sure I am available to what I call continual creation.


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