Patience VI

“Those speak foolishly who ascribe their anger or their impatience to such as offend them or to tribulation. Tribulation does not make people impatient, but proves that they are impatient. So everyone may learn from tribulation how his heart is constituted.” – Martin Luther

Patience is not situationally determined. You are either patient or impatient, regardless of who your are with or what is going on round about. Patience is a state of heart, not a state of affairs.

Some circumstances may be more constrictive or less opportune than others, but every circumstance contains in it the seeds of greater fulfillment.

5 thoughts on “Patience VI

  1. Dr Steven Ventola

    I ask myself, “What say ye?”

    Am I living in the heart patience necessary for fulfillment to be known now regardless of circumstance or not?

    At my command fulfillment or destruction is my choice.

    “What say ye?”


  2. David R

    I suppose there is a distinction between patience and frustration, because there will be those times when the direction we wish to move is blocked, or where things we aspire to cannot be reached, or where people disappoint in their actions or their attitudes. Those things do frustrate or scupper the plans that had been made, the efforts invested, etc. We feel that, of course, but here is where the patient person stands above the crowd.

    The patient person does not identify with the frustration, losing faith or confidence, lashing out in blame or criticism. He or she looks for advantage in the situation and recommits to the supremacy of sacredness. This attitude keeps avenues open, learns from any failures involved and permits perception of new avenues without undue remorse. Often the seeds of victory are sown in the ashes of defeat!


  3. Joy

    I have appreciated the depth of thought you have put into this series on Patience Gregg, it was so beneficial to have your words foremost in my thoughts as I navigated countless circumstances this past week. I noted that when I allow patience to reign what manifest in form far exceeded what I imagined was possible. I have the wonderful privilege of having a number of twenty year olds in my field and I am so aware of providing a stable foundation on which they can build, your blog is so helpful in this regard. Thank you!


  4. Coco

    The state of our heart is always ground zero for forward movement in our lives. Perhaps if our circumstances seem constrictive it is more a matter of what vantage point we’re viewing them from. I’ve had the experience that a change of heart rewarded me with seemly new eyes as well. The circumstances I thought I was under actually carried more opportunity then I previously could have even imagined, once I was above them. I think in your words, “Patience is a state of heart, not a state of affairs.” you could also substitute many words for patience, such as love, happiness, thankfulness or forgiveness. The heart is the place where all transformation begins. Thanks for this series, I’ve appreciated your thoughts.


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