The Death of Fear

Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

While we may never fully eradicate fear from these coats of skin we inhabit, we can go along way to banishing self-imposed fears which limit the unabridged expression of our being. Now you cannot simply say to yourself: “I am no longer afraid of this” or “This fear will paralyze me no more,” for a follow-up step – that of putting your new resolve to the test – is required.

In many cases overcoming a blockage related to fear might be as simple as breathing out when you might typically breath in or hold your breath. If the wind can move a tall sailing ship or topple a mighty oak tree, it can certainly help you overcome your footling bugbears. In others it might require relaxing further into the courage of your or others’  former successes, saying to yourself: “I’ve made it through hard things before…” or “If she can do it so then can I…”

In any case, taking the step of actually doing the thing you fear is what drives the final nail in the coffin of that fear. Setting your mind and heart to it are necessary, but not sufficient to overcoming. You must, dear readers, do to overcome.

5 thoughts on “The Death of Fear

  1. Zach

    The feeling of successfully facing your fears and coming through on the other side is one that is hard to describe. It is nice to be able to call that back the next time it comes up. Facing fear successfully is a habit, and like all habits it is built like a muscle. You don’t get muscular from thinking about exercise, but thinking about it can help you perform better when you do it, but you have to actually do it. The same goes for facing fears.


  2. David R

    I’ve heard it said that fear is never a creative motivation, and I think that’s essentially true. Of course there is the wisdom of caution, and flinging oneself into the breech with eyes closed and limbs pumping is unlikely to be a helpful approach! Having said that, fear tends to be an unreasoning and destructive master, and in the end it always flees from the light, assuming that one learns to let the light shine. There are those critical points always, where a decision is made, either to yield to fear or yield to one’s better self. Those points define our lives, each one.


  3. Chuck Reddick

    When I first went into sales (a long time ago) I like just about everybody else that I saw in sales was afraid of making prospecting calls. Pretty quickly I realized that if in fact I wanted to have an opportunity for success in sales that I was going to have to get past this unfounded and paralyzing fear. That is when I first heard the term “action cures fear”, and it did. Usually, at least with me (and I have noticed this in others as well) the so-called fear is somewhat of a figment of my imagination and only real if I allow it to be.


  4. Lady Leo

    I’ve found when I make a decision to not live in fear of something, some smaller representation of the thing will soon come my way. That’s where I begin to practice , if you will, how to overcome it. It is in the everyday acceptance of it. The saying a coward dies a thousand deaths a brave man dies but once is so true. When unfounded fears inhibit our ability to move ahead that is in essence wasting your life. Sometimes the thing is very frightening in thought but when you do it you find out it wasn’t at all as bad as you had let yourself imagine it.


    1. Steve V

      Thank you for such comforting words. We are capable of what comes our way day by day. As we handle what is at hand we do move forward with our lives.


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