2 thoughts on “Of the Truth

  1. Ricardo B.

    Indeed, I think we all one way or another choose how it is we are going to be governed. There is the order of the world, external controls imparted through a combo of force and reason, and then there’s the internal control of an individual commanded by a love for the truth. I believe the latter begets true freedom, but demands the utmost of personal responsibility in all of its implications, requiring each person to grow and relinquish obsessive excessive self-concern – the kind that makes you feel like the center of the world.

    These are choices I personally think about every single day, and I’ve noticed that if I don’t consciously think about them, I feel the weight of the world’s pull on me far more that tells me to ‘look out for #1’ and keep myself center stage in all things. It’s strange to think about and feel those two opposing paradigms – to me, one comes from insecurity and the other from freedom.


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