Collaborative Efforts

It’s no secret that most of mankind’s best ideas grew out of people working together. There may be an isolated flash of brilliance or divine inspiration, but in my observation man’s most significant steps forward have come from collaborative efforts to achieve something uncommon, if not great.

Even when the seed of inspiration was singular, it took a coordinated team to dress and keep the garden in which it eventually flourished. Empires, corporations and even family dynasties develop along these lines and it is widely understood that it takes two to tango and a village to raise a child.

In short, we need one another. No man or woman is complete unto him or herself. Every situation, be it social, commercial, political or even comical, hangs upon the ability of those present to collaborate. The sooner we acknowledge and respect this in any new situation we encounter, the better.

4 thoughts on “Collaborative Efforts

  1. Lady Leo

    We do need one another. Interdependence is the key to a healthy body, family and society. Many share the same ideals and goals but what is required to create together is respect and a shared willingness to forego judgement. It’s rarely been done, so there’s not a lot of precedent to point to. In the beginning it takes faith and trust too!


  2. David R

    It has always seemed to me that genuine collaboration is far more than additive. The result is vastly greater than the sum of the input. Where there is shared openness and an agreement to let what proves to be right appear, what appears will not be anyone’s initial thought usually, but rather something “unthought,” something that transcends all of the initial thoughts.

    Inspiration is never just a singular event appearing through an isolated person, regardless of appearance. Cultivating the delicate web of active agreement in any field is the key to the appearance of something not just adequate but actually extraordinary, something of wonder and enduring value. thanks for pointing to this vital truth!


  3. Katherine

    The key word that I hear is respect. Each person brings something unique to the table and if we are wise, we’d do our best to find out what that is through encouragement and inspiration. It’s for the greater good!


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