3 thoughts on “Freedom’s Clanger

  1. Zach

    We have seen this again and again throughout history. When someone dares to proclaim the truth, the people who have something to lose by the truth’s proclamation will seemingly say or do anything to hide that truth.

    To those of us that believe that the truth should be proclaimed, we need to be brave enough to live what we believe regardless of the consequences. That doesn’t mean that we have to be belligerent necessarily, but we need to be consistent.


  2. Coco

    Accusation, particularly when it becomes organized and orchestrated, always makes me suspect the actual agenda is something they’re not revealing. It’s is the kids line; one finger pointed at someone else but there are three back on yourself. In the earliest record accusation is shown to be used as a substitute for facts. Would we not being saying this if it were not true? …..ah in my experience, yep.


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