Master of the Small Gesture

A wink, a nod, a helping hand
Doth lift men’s hearts and make them glad.
A word, a hug, a gentle nudge
Can wash away the strongest grudge.
So be not like the common man
Whose heart a schism cannot span.
Stand tall, bow low and dare to pleach
The frayed heart strings which bore the breach.

(A ode to Nelson Mandela’s mastery of the graceful gesture)

6 thoughts on “Master of the Small Gesture

  1. Brenda Ruppright

    One of your bloggers yesterday mentioned the movie” Invictus” about Nelson Mandela so I watched it last night. I highly recommend it to everyone. What an example of grace and forgiveness.

    Beautiful poem.


  2. Carol

    You’ve really captured the essence of Nelson Mandela’s spirit with your poem Gregg. It’s a fine tribute to a man who has spent the latter years of his life doing all he could to uplift his country. He’s embodied the qualities of love and forgiveness, intelligence and wisdom. He was released from prison in his 70’s and has since made the most of his time. Others would likely “wind down” at that age yet he obviously could not. He effectively used the response that came his way to move things along in a right direction. What a fine example! Nothing need limit us – age or circumstances. Small gestures go a long way.


  3. Coco

    I love this poem! How touching and clever! You captured his nuance and his entirety in such a few words, bravo! I would wish those closest to him could read this. I’ve heard even his bodyguards and staff revere him as a beloved father.


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