Something Worth Remembering

I found myself reflecting on the brave acts of the men and women who risked their lives, reputations and fortunes to establish a fragile democratic republic last evening, and it occurred to me that it must have been so difficult to keep the necessary revolt from devolving into mob rule.

Nowadays, we face the emergence of another threat to the future of our great nation, a form of soft tyranny once called “the tyranny of the majority.” As with our waistlines in this country, we’ve let ourselves go educationally and as a consequence, civically. We’re no longer producing young men and women who recognize, let alone acknowledge their personal civic responsibilities.

What’s worse is that the very rights that are protected by the form of government we enjoy are being used to justify their neglect of the accompanying responsibilities. “This is a free country,” they say, “I can do whatever I want.” They don’t vote, they don’t participate and they generally don’t care about anything but their own wants. This is disconcerting and saddening to me, as such attitudes have proven over the course of history to be omens of the erosion of hard-earned freedom.

Our yolk-sac as a nation, bestowed upon us by great men and women who carried the torch of freedom through far more turbulent times than our present era, is in my estimation close to being fully consumed. Granted we have become a nation of consumers, but what concerns me is that our consumptive approach to living now extends to the way we treat the remarkable benefaction of our forefathers.

We have gobbled up every nest egg in sight to the point that we’re now feasting on the sustenance meant for future generations. It’s a sad sight, really, one that is reminiscent of barbarians invading a civilized nation, trampling on whatever cannot be consumed.

What, then, is needed? As best as I can tell what we need now are a few people who are willing to rise above the soft tyranny of the majority and do something truly worth remembering. Such actions erupt from normal men and women whose hearts have been emboldened by love and whose minds are bound to the truth. Take care and listen to your inner voice, dear readers, for you may be called to deliver such a message.

3 thoughts on “Something Worth Remembering

  1. Coco

    I appreciate your call to action. I believe if we want guidance in this matter letting our higher selves come forth consistently would give us the insight to be that person who contributes. Your example of the founding fathers brought to mind the wives of Washington and Adams. Their contributions to the success of the revolution and budding republic are a great example of just that. They handled the daily responsibilities of colonial life with out the benefit of their husbands and under extremely frightening conditions with courage, grace and wisdom. They freed, their very family conscientious spouses, by being just as committed, strategic and unselfish in how they executed the daily, seeming mundane, details of colonial living. Great post Gregg, thank you. We all make a difference but lets be sure it’s a positive one!

  2. Zach

    There really does have to be an inspiration to get us out of the mess we are in, yet it must be an inspiration much more powerful than any we have seen. The curse of the 24 hour news cycle makes it so that nothing excites us anymore, and it seems like it is even used as a strategy. It doesn’t matter how terrible and tragic the decisions are, as long as they are far enough away from the next election.
    We need a paradigm changer, and I just hope that it can be something positive rather than the forced negative change that will eventually come if nothing is done.

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