A Higher Degree of Mindfulness

One of my companies, Energetix Corporation, launched a new stress reduction initiative today. Modeled after programs currently running in companies like General Mills, Google, Apple and Deutsche Bank, we’re offering training in yoga and meditation as a means of generating a higher degree of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is defined as being “a state of being fully present, aware of oneself and other people, and sensitive to one’s reactions to stressful situations.” Studies show that leaders who are mindful tend to be more effective in understanding and relating to others, and motivating them toward shared goals. Moreover, they tend to be happier, more relaxed and more productive at home and at work.

A growing body of scientific research explains this phenomenon, long recognized as being true in Eastern spirituality circles. An recent Financial Times article on the topic of yoga, meditation and mindfulness in the corporate world notes:

This may sound like New Age mumbo-jumbo, but a growing body of academic research provides a scientific explanation. Meditation is shown to reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress. When cortisol levels drop, the mind grows calmer and gains the stability to become more focused. “Mindfulness is an idea whose time has come,” says Google’s [“Search Inside Yourself” program founder, Chade-Meng] Tan. “For a long time practitioners knew, but the science wasn’t there. Now the science has caught up.”

I’m excited to see what comes of this initiative and if my own experience with mindfulness is a guide, those on my team who are interested in participating are in for a wonderful experience. There is no reason why we cannot be more aware of our connection to the rhythms and cycles of the earth, more conscious of our interrelatedness and more at ease in our own skin and I am confident that this program will open the door to that experience.

8 thoughts on “A Higher Degree of Mindfulness

  1. Zach

    Meditation with the goal of mindfulness is a powerful tool that can change how we see many different aspects of our life. When meditation really “clicks”, it unlocks something that most people might glimpse but don’t really use day to day.


  2. Teryl Worster

    Exciting times! We can only hope that all within our businesses come to understand the value of what is being offered and how it will unfold into every aspect of their day to day lives. A life of mindfulfulness paired with serenity can only lead to a life that is always spiraling “Onward and Upward”. Thanks Gregg for caring enough to lead the way!


  3. Coco

    Great idea! Most spend such a great deal of time at work or thinking about it. It’s an intelligent life strategy to include it in our time for personal growth. Often work is segmented as a necessary evil in life when it factually affords some of the best opportunities for personal development and pleasure. Please keep us posted with the progess of this program.


  4. Ricardo B.

    Congratulations. What a tremendous opprtunity on so many levels. I hope that many other companies follow suit as we all certainly need more rhythm and movement in our daily lives. What’s good for the body is good for the soul, this is clear.


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